Larry Kudlow to the Lincoln Club: Economic Growth

Saturday night represented the 52nd annual Lincoln Club of Orange County annual gala. It was a phenomenal evening of celebration, fellowship, and rallying around the cause of limited government that we as a club hold dear. I posted my speech yesterday that I gave in introduction of our key note speaker Larry Kudlow. But a few comments are also in order regarding the message Larry delivered ... We as a party our fooling ourselves if we believe the Benghazi scandal and the Lois Lerner … [Read more...]

Larry Kudlow and Why America’s Best Days are Ahead

My Larry Kudlow Introduction - Lincoln Club Annual Dinner 2014 One of the major reasons I booked tonight's speaker is because I wanted to introduce him, so I come to you now with a great deal of excitement and nervousness. My overall confidence levels have grown a lot over the years, and yet there is still something nerve-wracking about introducing your hero, and that, my friends, is what Larry Kudlow is to me - a hero. So if I sound wobbly or nervous, just take it for what it is, humility. I … [Read more...]

Some Musings on Upper Middle Class Guilt Manipulating Pietism

There are few things in the world that annoy me more than upper middle class pastors living an upper middle class lifestyle in an upper middle class home within an upper middle class community who moralize over the evils of an upper middle class existence. The dangers of idolizing wealth are prevalent in the Scriptures and ought to be preached. In fact, they ought to be preached intelligently and repeatedly. But when the messaging turns to a pietistic drivel about Jesus not caring about your … [Read more...]

The Buy Side Reviewed

I will let you in a little secret (though I think I admitted this in my review of Wolf of Wall Street already ... I will read any book and see any movie that comes out regarding life on Wall Street. I can know ahead of time that it is going to be cartoonishly stupid, and they often are, and I will still read or see it. Some are quite serious in nature (see my lengthy list of reviews covering the financial crisis of 2008), and some are entertainment-driven (the Wolf of Wall Street is a case in … [Read more...]

When “Non-Interventionist” Means Imperial Bully Intervention; or, Why Ron Paul does not want Rand to be President

Just when I get ready to believe that Rand's vastly superior political skills to that of his father's could make him political in the 2016 Republican Presidential primary, Ron Paul goes out and says this: Ron Paul says Putin's intervention in Crimea all good by him I will ignore, for now, the utterly incredible ignorance of history and law embedded in Paul's viewpoint here. I will ignore his coddling of international bully and criminal, Vladimar Putin (who seems to have more supporters … [Read more...]