Capo’s in Santa Monica

I think most people know that the greater Los Angeles area possesses its fair share of fantastic restaurants, but compared to true dining sensations like New York City, Miami, Chicago, and San Francisco it is, well, subpar. Because my wife and I live in Newport Beach, an hour south of Los Angeles, we find what we can to enjoy in Orange County, we travel a lot and always find dining loves where we go, but the "big city" to our north doesn't excite us much. Many years ago we found the exception … [Read more...]

The Black Dog at Martha’s Vineyard

Every now and then you come across a place so cool, so authentic, and so good, you just don't care about anything else. The Black Dog at Martha's Vineyard may have launched a bit of a clothing line and may have a sort of cult following out there (two things that normally do not bode well for this restaurant critic), but what it does have is the best lobster roll on the island and one of the most picturesque little locations you could dream of. I started, of course, with some fried oysters. I … [Read more...]

JoJo’s on the Upper East Side

My wife and I are on a roll now at finding neighborhood restaurants on a Saturday night that do not disappoint in New York's upper east side. The latest happens to share my wife's name, or at least her nickname, JoJo's. The restaurant is just off of Lexington Avenue on 64th Street. It looks like a little doll house and is as adorable on the inside as the outside. The hostess found as a quaint little table in the front dining room, though the upstairs is quite cozy as well. From there the … [Read more...]

Perbacco in San Francisco

San Francisco is becoming one of my top favorite dining cities in America, led by its long legacy of leadership in ethnic foods and a barrage of top culinary names that have invaded the city over the last decade. Last night gave Joleen and I the chance to frequent Perbacco's with some friends, and the experience warranted a review. We began with an assortment of house-cured salamis and cheeses, the former of which are displayed here ... An easy bad self-explanatory way to prepare. While I … [Read more...]

Le Bernardin Reviewed

I get the rap of being a food snob, but it really isn't totally fair. I do enjoy fine dining and I am blessed to do it in some fantastic establishments, but I also mark on my calendar the day the McRib is coming back to McDonald's each year. However, this review will do little to break out of my reputation as a foodie, as it does not get more food snobby than Le Bernardin; and it doesn't get much better, either. This 51st Street haven for New York's fine diners is couched perfectly between … [Read more...]