Some Musings on Upper Middle Class Guilt Manipulating Pietism

There are few things in the world that annoy me more than upper middle class pastors living an upper middle class lifestyle in an upper middle class home within an upper middle class community who moralize over the evils of an upper middle class existence. The dangers of idolizing wealth are prevalent in the Scriptures and ought to be preached. In fact, they ought to be preached intelligently and repeatedly. But when the messaging turns to a pietistic drivel about Jesus not caring about your … [Read more...]

Business Ethics as the New Thing?

I write a blog every Monday for my company's internal Advisor website, basically read only by advisors within my own firm. I thought the following entry had a broader ethical message worth sharing to a wider audience. ********** When I was a financial advisor trainee many moons ago I heard from a manager (who has since been barred from the industry) that our success as a financial advisor would be "in having the brain of a capitalist and the heart of a socialist". I was a little too … [Read more...]

19-Year Olds are not Children, Terrorists or Otherwise

This last week has been a chilling reminder of the painful reality that America has enemies who will stop at nothing to hurt her. Whether it be two radicalized Islamic terrorists from a radicalized Islamic country, or the coordinated effort of twenty terrorists working within a globally coordinated terrorist cell, there is a basic reality at play here, and it is an uncomfortable one: We have enemies who will not go away. In between the unforgettable attacks of 9/11 and the drama that ended … [Read more...]

The Virtue of Prosperity

On Friday evening I was blessed to share the stage with Dinesh D'Souza as the long-promoted conference, The Virtue of Prosperity: Moral Implications for Wealth and Work, got underway.  I have worked on the conference for half of a year, and brought in my dear friends at the Acton Institute and the Center for Cultural Leadership who share the same vision I do.  The conference was a tremendous success, and I will soon be providing the information for how MP3's and DVD's can be … [Read more...]

Capitalism without Virtue is Ultimate Futility

I do not believe I have used my blog yet to promote this event, but I really think everyone should check this out.  It is going to be a tremendous weekend, and is about five weeks away.  I believe that in the present context we find ourselves in it is the single most important topic facing Americans in general, as well as all men and women of faith. I am producing this event with my dear friends at the Center for Cultural Leadership and the Acton Institute.  As you will see from the link … [Read more...]