USC’s New Coach, Pat Haden, the Process, and the Spirit of Troy

It has been a pretty wild ride in Troy over the last 48 hours, and I would be remiss as a lover of all things Cardinal and Gold if I did not chime in on the new coach at USC. The general atmosphere in the USC chat board world can best be described as apocalyptic, though most folks who delve into the apocalypse carry more maturity and gravitas than the children who occupy real estate on today's chat boards. If one delves outside that cyber world they will see that where USC is and has gone over … [Read more...]

Weekly Musings – UCLA Edition

What an extraordinary week in the world of college football. My own beloved Trojans may have been outmatched and outplayed by the Bruins, leading to UCLA's 3-12 record against us over the last 15 years, but there was some stuff for the ages going on around the country. We'll start in Los Angeles and work around the nation from there. - USC was just outmuscled, outplayed, and outsmarted all night by the Bruins. USC may not be as good as I want them to be or as many in the "fan base" believe … [Read more...]

Weekly Musings – The Glorious Win over Stanford Edition

Now THIS is what a Saturday night, Sunday day, and Monday morning are supposed to feel like. THIS is why we love Trojan football. What an extraordinary night it was for the men of Troy - one of the great Trojan football games in our lifetimes. I could not be happier for the young men on this football team and these great coaches that have put all this together. It was a feeling they deserved to experience, and can carry with them forever. And frankly, this was a lot more than a mere win … [Read more...]

Weekly Musings – Cal Edition

What a great, great weekend in college football. In a year where I have become almost exclusively interested in my beloved Trojans, and cynically disgusted by almost the entire rest of the country (the offensively stupid slap on the wrist of the booster-paid abortion program that is Miami, the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil treatment at Nike University, the 40-felon enabler Urban Meyer's hall pass at the Ohio Automobile University), I really haven't cared about much of anything this year (besides … [Read more...]

Weekly Musings – Utah Edition

I don't know why I came into this weekend feeling so negative. I generally am never, ever negative, even when I should be. But the way many in the USC family responded to the Notre Dame loss and the way many insist on blaming Pat Haden for the sanctions (an automatic failure of any IQ test, if you ask me) had me down. The Notre Dame game which we so clearly should have won, the NCAA's wrist-slap of Miami, and the overwhelming flow of injury reports just left me playing into the … [Read more...]