Some Musings on Upper Middle Class Guilt Manipulating Pietism

There are few things in the world that annoy me more than upper middle class pastors living an upper middle class lifestyle in an upper middle class home within an upper middle class community who moralize over the evils of an upper middle class existence. The dangers of idolizing wealth are prevalent in the Scriptures and ought to be preached. In fact, they ought to be preached intelligently and repeatedly. But when the messaging turns to a pietistic drivel about Jesus not caring about your … [Read more...]

The Buy Side Reviewed

I will let you in a little secret (though I think I admitted this in my review of Wolf of Wall Street already ... I will read any book and see any movie that comes out regarding life on Wall Street. I can know ahead of time that it is going to be cartoonishly stupid, and they often are, and I will still read or see it. Some are quite serious in nature (see my lengthy list of reviews covering the financial crisis of 2008), and some are entertainment-driven (the Wolf of Wall Street is a case in … [Read more...]

When “Non-Interventionist” Means Imperial Bully Intervention; or, Why Ron Paul does not want Rand to be President

Just when I get ready to believe that Rand's vastly superior political skills to that of his father's could make him political in the 2016 Republican Presidential primary, Ron Paul goes out and says this: Ron Paul says Putin's intervention in Crimea all good by him I will ignore, for now, the utterly incredible ignorance of history and law embedded in Paul's viewpoint here. I will ignore his coddling of international bully and criminal, Vladimar Putin (who seems to have more supporters … [Read more...]

Students Who Think and Live Well – A Must Read

I am the beneficiary of an outstanding education, being raised by a Christian philosopher and theologian who valued logic, critical thinking, and the history of thought and ideas. I also am a resident of Newport Beach, California, where roughly 25 years ago this outstanding school I attended )and where my father taught philosophy, theology, and ethics) closed its doors. God has blessed me mightily in my career and professional endeavors, and as I approach the daunting age of FORTY I am more … [Read more...]

Janet Yellen’s Debut and the Cause of Low Interest Rates

From Janet Yellen's first Congressional testimony as the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve: "The fundamental reason we have low interest rates is because there is a glut of savings relative to the demand for those savings." Really? Would you like to test that theory? Pull off the easy monetary policy - the bond buying - the zero interest rate Fed Funds policy - and let's see where the "natural" rate goes ... The idea that the Fed should manipulate the basic interest rate to generate … [Read more...]