The Political Funeral of Ron Paul

I am not a fan of the three or four time Presidential candidate, Ron Paul. My opinions about the ideology of Ron Paul are well-documented, as are my opinions of many (not all) of his followers. But despite my lack of appreciation for the eccentric ex-Congressman, I also do not look favorably upon gloating or grave-dancing. Ron Paul's embarrassing results in the most recent Presidential election do not tempt me towards smugness as much as they do provide illumination upon something I have been … [Read more...]

We Will Never Forget

I talked to my 7-year old son this morning about 9/11. We have talked about it the last couple of years. He is a bright kid, and he is a decent kid, which means that his intuitive response to hearing about the tragedy is not to say, "what did we do that caused them to do this to us?". Rather, like all people with a semblance of a moral compass, his natural response to hearing of the attack is to ask, "what types of monsters would do this?". (I should probably add that because he does not … [Read more...]

The World America Made by Robert Kagan

Robert Kagan is one of those authors who readers never have to worry about. He is not going to throw in a "dog" in a series of solid book projects. He is among the most qualified intellectuals in the world to discuss the international stage, and is a trusted voice when it comes to American history of foreign policy. Whether it be his magnum opus, Dangerous Nation, or other short works like The Return of History and the End of Dreams, Kagan is serious, sober, reliable, and needed. His latest … [Read more...]

Ron Paul’s Love of Iran

I don't know how anyone can dispute my oft-repeated assertion that Ron Paul's foreign policy is, to put it very, very mildly, lacking in moral clarity. Powerful video. I wish it were exposing Ron Paul's hypocrisy. But it is not. it is, instead, exposing what he REALLY believes. Ron Paul video = 9/11 was just a crime; Sanctions against Iran are an act of war … [Read more...]

John Bolton’s Extraordinary Speech

Last night I had the honor of introducing Ambassador John Bolton as the keynote speaker at the 49th annual dinner of the Lincoln Club of Orange County.  He is one of the most extraordinary thinkers in our country when it comes to foreign policy (for many newcomers to concerns about politics, ethics, and society, "foreign policy" deals with considerations usually considered much less important than medical ethics and marriage and health care - trivial things like Islamic terrorists with nuclear … [Read more...]