When “Non-Interventionist” Means Imperial Bully Intervention; or, Why Ron Paul does not want Rand to be President

Just when I get ready to believe that Rand's vastly superior political skills to that of his father's could make him political in the 2016 Republican Presidential primary, Ron Paul goes out and says this: Ron Paul says Putin's intervention in Crimea all good by him I will ignore, for now, the utterly incredible ignorance of history and law embedded in Paul's viewpoint here. I will ignore his coddling of international bully and criminal, Vladimar Putin (who seems to have more supporters … [Read more...]

Jerry Brown and the Other Side to the Story

So while the left continues to drool over the work Gov. Jerry Brown is doing in California, gushing over a one-time $4bn surplus, might I point out a few inconvenient truths courtesy of The Economist: (1) The top 1% of earners alone pay 33% of the state's expenses. Holy fair share batman! (2) $355 billion of unfunded liabilities (with a B) - promised pension and health care benefits we haven't paid for. Those liabilities are growing $22 million per day (3) Highest poverty rate in America … [Read more...]

The Lincoln Club Endorses Robert Ming: The Right Thing Done in the Right Way

Matt Cunningham has posted a bizarre piece over at OCPolitical expressing his dismay at the Lincoln Club's decision to endorse Robert Ming for the OC Supervisor's seat in the 5th District. It is bizarre because Matt expresses a long-held admiration for the club, and then says he has never "been more disappointed in one of the club's actions than its endorsement of Robert Ming". He later in the article says it is not about Robert Ming, but about the process by which the club gave the … [Read more...]

This Town Reviewed

As an avid reader, one of my favorite reading "sensations", if you will, is when you begin a book that so captivates you and interests you (for whatever reason) that you just do not want to put it down. Reading a 350-page book virtually straight through is not something many people get to do in life, but I have done it on multiple occasions and the reason is always the same: I can not move on until the book is done. This Town was one of those books for me, and I suppose the reason I could not … [Read more...]

19-Year Olds are not Children, Terrorists or Otherwise

This last week has been a chilling reminder of the painful reality that America has enemies who will stop at nothing to hurt her. Whether it be two radicalized Islamic terrorists from a radicalized Islamic country, or the coordinated effort of twenty terrorists working within a globally coordinated terrorist cell, there is a basic reality at play here, and it is an uncomfortable one: We have enemies who will not go away. In between the unforgettable attacks of 9/11 and the drama that ended … [Read more...]