Some Musings on Upper Middle Class Guilt Manipulating Pietism

There are few things in the world that annoy me more than upper middle class pastors living an upper middle class lifestyle in an upper middle class home within an upper middle class community who moralize over the evils of an upper middle class existence. The dangers of idolizing wealth are prevalent in the Scriptures and ought to be preached. In fact, they ought to be preached intelligently and repeatedly. But when the messaging turns to a pietistic drivel about Jesus not caring about your … [Read more...]

What do you think of John Piper and John MacArthur?

A friend of mine privately emailed me that given my "outspoken Calvinism" he wanted to know what I thought of John MacArthur and John Piper. I thought my response may make for a fun blog. ***** I like both but am not over the top on either. They are both Calvinists only in their soteriology which is the least important piece of Calvinism to me. In other words, they are Reformed baptists. Yes, I am a predestinationist, and they are too. But I barely care about the issue any more and you … [Read more...]

Alexander Hamilton and Greg Bahnsen

A month or so back I read Thomas McCraw's very informative work, The Founders and Finance. The book essentially paints a picture of the early developments in American finance, particularly as directed by three immigrants (Robert Morris, Alexander Hamilton, and Albert Gallatin). Because there would have been no America (as we know it) without Alexander Hamilton, and because Hamilton's work served as the cornerstone of America's early financial foundation, the bulk of the book centers around … [Read more...]

P. Andrew Sandlin “The Theological Roots of the Financial Crisis”

This talk from P. Andrew Sandlin opened our April 28 conference, and is well worth the listen! Download Audio - P. Andrew Sandlin ( .zip file, contains mp3 audio ) … [Read more...]

The Notable Thing about Evangelical Endorsement of Rick Santorum

I have not endorsed any candidate in the Republican primary, other than to say that I plan to enthusiastically support the guy who ends up running against Barack Obama. If any of these candidates are nominated (besides Ron Paul) I will be prayerfully and aggressively supportive of their candidacy. I have my own opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate, and I have my own opinions about who has greater electability concerns, but at the end of the day, there is no reason to … [Read more...]