Annual Thanksgiving Reflections 2013

I am going to do this year's reflections a bit differently than I have in past years. I sincerely hope that anyone reading my reflections, especially those who have read past years worth, know that I am extremely thankful for all I have in my life. I have an unbelievable wife whom I love dearly. I have three children who mean the entire world to me. I have countless blessings in my life including health and prosperity. Each day I work in a career I find deeply fulfilling and rewarding. I … [Read more...]

Annual Thanksgiving Day Reflection

Once again I have forgotten how many years I have been doing this, but once again we come to one of my favorite days of the year (perhaps my actual favorite itself) - the blessed day of Thanksgiving. Not a day goes by that I am not more and more aware of how much I have to be thankful for, and Thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity to pull all of those day's thoughts together and reflect on the blessings and mercies we live in and with on a daily basis. I believe all of us have abundant … [Read more...]

The New Bahnsen Viewpoint

Welcome to the new and improved Bahnsen Viewpoint blog (well, at least I think so)!  The site has been re-done from both a visual and functional standpoint, and we also have added a fun little silo for me to do restaurant reviews (nothing goes together like politics, economics, book reviews, USC football, and fine dining).  I hope you will enjoy the new site and the renewed commitment to more frequent content, especially throughout the election season.  Please share with your friends if you … [Read more...]

Annual Thanksgiving Day Reflections 2011

I left the room I am sleeping in at the cabin I am staying in up at Lake Tahoe at 4:00 am to have some coffee, do a little work, and draft these annual reflections, and ultimately to get some reading done before the calvary awakens at 6:00 or 6:30. I confess part of me was also motivated to escape the torture of a 17-month old baby's ongoing "expressions of emotion". But if this isn't Thanksgiving I don't know what is: Within five minutes of me leaving the noise chamber of the cabin where … [Read more...]

Some Personal Reflections on Dealing with Depression

One of the major differences between my "Facebook friends" and my "real friends" is that my Facebook friends might be tempted to think that all I care about is politics and economics, whereas my real friends know that all I care about is politics and economics ... Okay, that is not true - the financial markets and USC football are even bigger passions, but the point is that I don't blame people for thinking I lack an interest in matters of real life concerns. But the reality is that I have … [Read more...]