Eliott Spitzer and the Worst Human Beings on the Planet

If I somehow could write it much better than the Wall Street Journal does below, this would be a longer email. It is totally contrary to my value system to take glee in the pain and misery of others, so I will say that I wish the family of Elliot Spitzer the best during this nightmare. But on the other hand, we do no one any favors to dilute what has happened: one of the worst people on the planet, is getting his just desserts.

Spitzer is the embodiment of the worst kind of abuse of government power. He is not just content to abuse the law for a greater good, a nefarious habit in its own right, but is even willing to grossly abuse the law when there is no greater good to be had, and no evil to correct. For Spitzer, vertical mobility and self-advancement were the only ethics. He consciously and unremorsefully pummeled human beings, their families, their companies, and entire industries, without any other agenda than his own career. And now today, as the story blankets national media attention that he is involved in a major prostitution scandal, we will inevitably lose sight of the real proof of this man’s monstrosities. No one should forgive or forget the sins and crimes he has now been caught up in. But, this pales in comparison to what he has spent the last eight years of his life doing.

I can not think of an American public official I loathe more than Elliott Spitzer. May the victims of his legal terrorism find some vindication in the news today. Frankly, I suspect no accusation of sleeping with prostitutes could “unscrew” the people he has already done wrong … People like this sleep in their own narcissism, and I have no doubt his conscience does not so much as ting. May the voters of New York, and the national media, never again fall in love with someone whose sole claim to fame is his willingness to demonize good men, and good companies, and good industries. In Spitzer’s case, we see first hand what glamorizing a slut for power can do.