Your Freedom and Your Boss’s Pay

This article should be read in its entirety so that no one thinks I am being hyperbolic in the way I describe what is going on in our country.

I have cut and pasted the following line:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has begun serious talks about how it can change compensation practices across the financial-services industry, including at companies that did not receive federal bailout money, according to people familiar with the matter.

I was told in late March when the House voted for the most insidious bill I have seen in my years as a grown-up (the 90% tax bill that was called the “AIG bill”, and yet had nothing to do with AIG whatsoever) that compensation limits were necessary because of the evil of government bailouts, and that if enough measures like this were put into practice, it would keep corporate America from sticking its hand out. I, of course, disagreed (, pointing out that one way to keep corporate America from sticking its hand out was to simply quit putting stuff in its hand when it did. But beyond all that (some fake Republicans as well as some well-meaning Republicans voted for that montrosity), the point I have continually made is that it was absurd and naïve to believe that there was not a slippery slope here. Those who tout a centrist leviathan determining what compensation is fair and unfair could not care less about TARP; their agenda is purely ideological and social. They are covetous, envious, and economically illiterate. Worse than that, their Marxian ideology is allowed to be disguised as something less malignant, when it comes from the same place as Marxism, and carries the same virus. Americans who love freedom should not be willing to tolerate this for one split second.

And let me say one more thing for those who feel this subject does not affect them, and think that maybe those Wall Street jerks really are paid too much: You are going to change your tune when it affects you, and it is going to affect you. No one in their right mind wants people who make $100,000 per year handling the liquidation of AIG assets (when they owe the taxpayers $200 billion, I prefer the “A” team work on getting us paid back). But I do not think you Pastors should want your salaries set by the White House either, and since your churches are 501c3’s who receive tax-exempt status, why do you think the government should not (or will not) determine your pay? I do not think middle class employees whose paycheck is signed by a well-paid executive should smile upon this theft either, because I assure you that no intelligent executive is going to pay his rank-and-file middle managers the same that he is paying himself. We have graduated income levels in this country because we have a market economy. The extent to which the people let the government muck this up is the extent to which the people will pay the price. Mark my words. Slippery slope, indeed. We are just getting started my friends.

I also think this next article is worth a quick read so that one can better appreciate how severe the class warfare in this country is getting. My hope is that the Robin Hoods will be beaten to a pulp by those whose ideology is based on moral principle and economic intelligence. My concern is that thieves and degenerates will win the day. The rhetoric and intention behind what this article references is dramatic and frightening.