In Memory Of a “Senatorial Warrior’s” Carnage

I know it has taken me a while to get this out, but I have been meaning to write on the loss of a well-known person who has passed away. Normally, it does not take me a week to get things like this out, let alone forty years. But today we honor the memory of Mary Jo Kopechne, who died at the bottom of Chappaquidick forty years ago. Her ride home that night did not die. No, he swam away and then went to a friend’s house. There are also over a dozen witnesses that he had been “drinking heavily” that night. He also waited for a full day to go to the police. There was one death that night. Mary Jo was a beautiful, talented, happy, young woman – not quite 30 years old. She had her whole life in front of her. In fact, had she not died that fateful night, she would be nearing her 70th birthday now. Age 70 seems a lot closer to a full life, doesn’t it? So it seems appropriate to honor this woman.

Her date’s life and career are not appropriate to focus on in this hour. I do not accept the hyperbolic nonsense about his accomplishments, but even if I did, I will not dishonor Mary Jo Kopechne by disingenuously pretending this incident never happened. Mary Jo never got her due attention and respect. Maybe it’s time we start.