President Obama Wins the Wrong Award

I am awake so early in the morning every day that sometimes I think I must be seeing or hearing things that are outside of reality. I think I am pretty adjusted to my early wake-up bell, but when you wake-up to a news announcement that “Barack Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the Middle East peace process and nuclear disarmament”, one can hardly be blamed for assuming that perhaps the brain and body need a cup of coffee …

There is no need for me to make this a partisan attack. I do not like President Obama, I do not respect the agenda he has brought to this office, and I have never pretended to be anything other than vehemently opposed to his fundamental belief system as it pertains to economic and foreign policy. I think he is dangerous, though ineffectual. I find him to be arrogant and condescending. Primarily, I think he is a fraud (I am embarrassed for people that bought into the “uniter” and “no more politics as usual” nonsense). But my thoughts on the nobel prize have absolutely nothing to do with my aforementioned disagreements with the President. I am a mostly rational and objective person. I may not care for the President’s policies, but I do a good job calling a spade a spade. And the only thing this development has done is to put the final nail in the coffin of any credibility or prestige whatsoever to the once elite Nobel prize community.

In fairness, Obama’s receipt of this award did not really kill this institution’s credibility; they have not had any credibility for a long, long time. Yasser Arafat was one of the top 10 terrorists of the 20th century, and they awarded him the prize. Jimmy Carter’s anti-Israeili, pro-Palestinian terrorist rhetoric and policy objectives have been utterly disastrous, yet the Nobel committee gave him the prize. I will not even delve into the committee’s cartoonish selections in economics over the years (most recently, the laughable choice of the highly discredited Paul Krugman). So, I suppose there is nothing to be shocked at here. Yet one can not help but realize that there is something perversely obvious about the politicization of this award.

I would prefer the committee give the award to a terrorist like Arafat than a double-talking fraud like Barack Obama, who so far has proven in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, North Korea, and Honduras that he is, well, full of it. I tell people frequently that no constituency should be more disgusted at Barack Obama so far than the far left anti-war crowd at and Daily Kos (with the possible excepton of General Motors bondholders, but I digress). I always knew his campaign promises regarding Kabul, Gitmo, and Iraq were naive; I never thought that he would figure it out just a few weeks into office. He now can boast that he has completely abandoned everything he promised he would do when he would defeated Hillary for the nomination, and he has completely abandoned everything he said he would do when he put his hand on the Bible at the inauguration and vowed to uphold our laws, and protect our nation. An ode to “new government”, huh? The reality is that this President is being laughed at unilaterally by America’s enemies. Not one single person of any credibility whatsoever can possibly believe that any fruit – any support – any empirical evidence whatsoever – exists to validate the granting of this award. This award is a joke, and the next recipient of it should politely decline it. If the next recipient is in the vein of Yasser Arafat, he should return to the business of murdering Jews that he spent his career engulfed in. And if the next recipient is in the vein of Barack Obama, he should hand the award to Rahm Emmanuel or Nancy Pelosi, and get back to the business of Europanizing our country.

A world that gives a Nobel prize to a nine-month President with absolutely no accomplishments whatsoever in achieving peace is a world that will elect a man President who has barely even finished one term as a state senator. I think I have seen this movie before. Can we get on to the next joke in the news cycle? This one is making me wish I hadn’t gotten out of bed at all.