NT Wright and Wrong

I always say that where NT Wright is strong (theology and hermeneutics) he has few peers (if any), but where he is weak (economics and politics) he is atrocious in a way I barely ever see.  I am reading his Romans devotional book in my daily devotions (and thoroughly loving it).  I am reading along this morning, and he is making all kinds of good points about law and sin and masters and control (etc.) – all good stuff.  At one point, he is making a list of sins we no longer need to commit since we are no longer mastered by sin. And what does he include in that list??

“(1) Developing weapons which will kill more people; and (2) Extending your business empire”.

Wow.  I mean, huh?  What?  More coffee please.  Yes, these sins were enumerated along with things like lying and drinking too much and stealing.  He combines his strong and weak points together in a way that would be funny if it weren’t so bizarre (and sad).

I guess it is not just the right that feels the need to politicize their theological points, eh?  The difference?  At least the right’s political agenda is, well, right.