Best Article of the Year

I truly mean it when I say that I read a piece this good about once in every five years.  This piece is the transcript of a speech that William McNurn gave at Hillsdale College last month.  Hillsdale is perhaps the most important college in America.  McNurn is a VP at NewsCorp and board member at Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics and Culture.  Notre Dame is a school that needs to comprehend this piece a lot better than their present faculty and administration actually do.  With all that said, I have posted at MoralCapitalism, but wanted readers at The Bahnsen Viewpoint to see it too.

The notion that economics is a dismal science has a lot of fans.  But classical economists who actually promote the improvement of society through industry and opportunity are doing far, far more for the world than say, “humanitarians”.  Read the piece and see why: If I have to pick between a businessman, and an elite progressive visionary, the choice is easy.