The Eight Things the Church is Doing to Screw up the World

Hit the link below for an audio download of the speech I recently gave at the annual Center for Cultural Leadership conference in San Francisco. I enjoyed giving the speech, and perhaps you will find something in it you agree with. For those who do not like my focus on cultural engagement or people getting along with one another, all I can say is – you would really hate what I REALLY think.

Listen Online

Download the Audio (mp3 file)

For those who want the cheat sheet, the eight things (elaborated on in the speech) are:

(1) Denominationalism
(2) Ecclesiocentrism
(3) Tribalism
(4) Sub-culturism
(5) Corporate Bored-ism
(6) Male-Absenteeism
(7) Divisionism
(8) Cannibalism