Hillary’s Health

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOATHE conspiracy theories, and completely oppose any attempt to criticize political candidates whose policies and even personal character I find contemptible for any reasons other than what we DO know about them. I have found the Hillary health obsession to be a kooky unhelpful distraction discussed by people with the IQ of Sean Hannity, who is a pea-brain. However, I think it takes the analytical skills of a 5-year old to see that what happened with Hillary yesterday was a big deal, and somebody is being played for a chump – that somebody being the American people. From allergies to heat dehydration (in 75 degree weather) to pneumonia, all in a few hours – something makes no sense, and the American people are being lied to. Maybe she is fine – I certainly hope she is, as I have never in my life hoped for someone to be sick (besides maybe a football QB I didn’t like on game day, and even then I’ve repented). But I am referring only to the transparency and honesty required of someone who would be President. Forget what the Sean Hannity ilk think; they are an utter waste of time. Forget what people who view the world the way I do for a moment. I believe that it is Hillary Clinton supporters who should say “clearly something is going on, and all that is happening right now is our candidate is undermining her electability in the biggest lay-up election in history by being completely duplicitous at every turn.”

So for those who haven’t seen, here is the video of yesterday. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LcxDWsuaQMY

There are plenty of other theories out there on YouTube and quite a bit of footage of other episodes and incidents.  I don’t know what has been edited, what is reliable, and what comes from the keystrokes of a madman.  I simply know this: Something doesn’t add up, and the Clinton family has lied at every opportunity with every need for decades.  This election has taken a bizarre turn.  Someone on Hillary’s side should be demanding truthful transparency, quick.  I am beginning to get the feeling that if both Donald Trump’s tax returns and Hillary Clinton’s health records were out tomorrow, Gary Johnson would be leading in the polls.