2016 Voter Guide – California Ballots – and So Much More

I would say I have written enough about the Presidential election this year, and I don’t intend to write more about it now.  I am not voting for Donald Trump, and I am certainly not voting for Hillary Clinton.  I do not think it matters much who any of you vote for at this point, but that is your call.  I refuse to vote for either candidate, I live in California, and I fully intend to celebrate whoever loses and mourn whoever wins.

In California, the propositions this year contain a few that are a special kind of crazy.  Which means they’ll probably all pass.  One day when I finally can’t stand another conservative Republican friend of mine complaining about how badly the government is to blame for society’s demise (a government elected by free citizens), I will point to the California ballot initiatives of 1998-2016.  This is a period that truly calls for desperate cries for an exception to us reaping what we sow.  The voters of California generally go stark crazy mad when it comes to California ballots, stark crazy mad being my definition for “someone who believes a tax increase will result in more money going to provide kids a better education.”  What’s that they say about insanity?  We don’t do the same thing and expect a different result in California once.  We do it every two years, in November, multiple times.

Proposition 51 is a boondoggle crony capitalist gift to construction companies and serves as a General Obligation the highly indebted state cannot afford.  OPPOSE.

Proposition 52 is a reasonably benign measure I do not feel a great deal of passion for, but do believe is good government.  SUPPORT

Proposition 53 is one of the most important measures on the ballot.  It requires voter approval even for revenue bonds (not just General Obligation bonds that affect your taxes).  The politicians and crony corruptos are running a high speed boondoggle down our throats that will never, ever, ever get paid for.  This is a very smart way to kill this debacle of a project, and other politician pet projects formed with your dollars to enrich special interests who care nothing about the civic life we hold dear.  SUPPORT WITH EVERY OUNCE OF BREATH IN YOUR BODY

Proposition 54 is a reasonably benign measure I do not feel a great deal of passion for, but do believe is good government.  SUPPORT

Proposition 55 is a debacle – a pure sick mess.  They promised Prop 30 in 2012, which gives California the HIGHEST STATE INCOME TAX IN THE COUNTRY, would be temporary.  They now seek to make it permanent. OPPOSE

Proposition 56 is a huge lie, only this one represents the third or fourth sip from the same fountain.  They do not and have never used taxes on cigarettes to fund healthcare.  They use them to fund a bloated budget they have no discipline to get under control because they reply on things like this.  Don’t get fooled again.  OPPOSE

Proposition 57 is a no.  Just read it and you’ll know why, unless you are a criminal, in which case you should vote yes.  OPPOSE

Proposition 58 is another attempt to force multi-cultural nonsense down our throat, and will further enflame the immigration controversy in our country.  OPPOSE

Proposition 59 is an affront on the first amendment.  OPPOSE

Proposition 60 is an insult to our intelligence, and another crony scam – this time from condom companies – and it is a pitiful statement of what some people do with their free time.  OPPOSE – not because anyone is pro-porn (I am very very anti-porn), but because we are anti-idiocy

Proposition 61 is one you must go to the wall to oppose.  It is a backdoor cute way to implement drug pricing, and it will serve as a model to other states for how to cut benefits, implement anti-market price fixing, and essentially will deteriorate R&D investment in our country.  OPPOSE no matter what

Proposition 62 – oppose it, but does it matter?  California hasn’t executed a criminal since the 1800’s (okay, I’m exaggerating).  But why codify the bad practice of not punishing capital murderers?

Proposition 63 is bad, but politically entertaining (the way in which the anti-second amendment fanatics have lied).  OPPOSE

Proposition 64 is tough for me.  My own Lincoln Club for Orange County voted against endorsing this measure, and I personally am a long-time advocate of marijuana legalization (despite the fact that I have never used it once in my life and never will).  In truth, marijuana is essentially legal anyways, so I really hate to spend much time on this.  But the reality is that I think we need to support this measure AFTER we see a public effort to control the nuisances that go therewith (public consumption, etc.).  So I support the concept but oppose the devil of these details, for now.

Proposition 65 is a vote yes.  SUPPORT

Propostion 66 is a vote yes.  But it has no chance.  And it means nothing when we don’t do it anyways.  SUPPORT

Proposition 67 is a grotesque crony game of environmental lies.  A ban on plastic bags is perfect for those who want to feel good about doing nothing whatsoever.  OPPOSE

If you are in Anaheim, I beg you to vote AGAINST Lucille Kring (however you have to), to vote for Denise Barnes, and to realize that the city is in a civil war over whether or not crony capitalists who care not for freedom or enterprise will be allowed to exploit the system for their own personal gain.  The fact that many of these crony culprits are “Republicans” means nothing.  Anaheim is ground zero.

I am a big Will O’Neil fan for Newport Beach City Council, really impressed with him in the time we have spent together.

Obviously Andrew Do is a YES vote in the OC Supervisor race

I fear for the California legislature given the awful impact Trump will have down ballot, but vote Republican in any state senate or state assembly race.  There are some good ones, some mediocre ones, but no unacceptable ones.  We need to hold the Dems back from their desired super majority.

If you have any particular races or issues you are curious about feel free to email from the “Contact” button on this website.  I’ll make it a point to reply with whatever perspective or information I have.

I anticipate there being very little above that will result in celebration on election night.  I intend to keep working for Toomey in PA, Ayotte in NH, Rubio in FL, and Heck in NV.  It’s about all we have going for us – those who believe in mature ideas and the free and virtuous society.