Taking A Stand Against Crony Capitalism

Dear Friends –

As many of you know, I have been growing in my passion for combatting the evils of crony capitalism that I believe represent the core reason why millennials continue to flock away from markets and towards the dark ideology of socialism.  A market-based system that offers subsidies and special favors to the rich and powerful is not a market-based system, but a truly dangerous perversion of free market capitalism.  Few people in public life are taking on this issue as the non-partisan issue that it is quite like Charles Koch and the vast network they have assembled of philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

I sometimes grow despondent at how much work there is to do here, as it is one of the few issues where the battle for truth remains to be won with many on the left, and the right.  Well, you simply must watch this video to see the reason that grass roots efforts matter – and see what can happen when an army of people come together to do the right thing.  The Republican Party got kicked upside the head in this last midterm election, with one exception being in the state of Florida, where the Gubernatorial race and Senatorial race (by razor thin margins) went the right way.  I have absolutely no doubt that the GOP protecting its brand by opposing corporate welfare (and now doing so year over year over year) stands atop the reason Florida is one of the very few states not going the way of the purple or the blue.  Please watch, and join me in the fight to protect the merits of free enterprise – a system that has no tolerance for subsidies, favoritism, or crony handouts.


password: Florida

I am preparing for the challenge at hand, and grateful for that amazing network of people (Koch, Acton, National Review) committed to the cause of liberty and human flourishing.